Commercial Document Apostille

Commercial Document Apostille from MEA, India

Commercial Document Apostille in India

Apostille is a process of a special type of Authentication/Attestation concluded by Ministry of External Affairs/MEA, Govt. of India. Commercial Document Apostille from MEA will be done after some mandatory Attestation of some Indian departments. Apostille is valid for all members of Hague Conventional Countries/HCC ( But there are many HCC member countries who require Embassy Attestation or Legalization for Commercial Document and accept Apostille for Educational/Personal Documents.

There are two types of Commercial Documents which need to Apostille as per the requirements. Two categories of Commercial Documents are Company formation documents and Export Documents. Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles/MoA, Article of Association/AoA, Board Resolution etc. are categorized as Company Documents. And Certificate of Origin/CoO, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading, Phytosanitary/Health Certificate, Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products/CoPP, End User Certificate/EUC etc. are known as Export Documents.

Commercial Document Apostille is majorly applicable for those countries who are the members of Hague Conventional Countries/HCC but have no Embassy/Consulate in India. But there are many Members of Hague Convention like Italy, Germany, Poland have their own Embassy but not Legalize Commercial document normally. On the other hand, Vietnam, Egypt, China, Namibia etc. are the members of HCC but Legalize Commercial Documents.

Commercial Document Apostille from MEA, Govt. Of India will be done after the Attestation from Chamber of Commerce/CoC and the Attestation from Notary. The Notary Attestation is not mandatory but some countries like Vietnam, Hong-Kong, Suriname etc. requires compulsorily. The Chamber of Commerce Attestation and Notary Attestation can be completed anywhere in India.

We at Abrodex India Private Limited complete Commercial Document Apostille from MEA in India after the Attestation of Chamber of Commerce and the Attestation from Notary. We take around 2-3 working days to complete the whole Apostille Attestation of Commercial Documents issued in India.

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