PCC Certificate Apostille

PCC Certificate Apostille

PCC Certificate Apostille in India

Police Clearance Certificate / PCC or No Criminal Record Certificate is a proof of someone’s legal background. On the time of Visa application, the candidate has to produce a PCC Certificate to the concern department of the abroad organization. When the destination country is a member of HCC Convention then the PCC Certificate Apostille is required. The PCC Certificate Apostille in India will be completed from MEA after some other Attestation on the basis of the place and department of issuing authority of PCC.

An Indian can obtain a Police Clearance Certificate / PCC from different sources. The PCC Certificate may obtain from Local Police Station or Regional Passport Office (RPO). Someone also can get a No Criminal Record Found Certificate from Indian Diplomatic Mission (High Commission / Consulate)abroad. PCC can be applied online.

We, Abrodex Consultancy Services, complete PCC Certificate Apostille in India. The detail process, time requirement, charges etc. of PCC Certificate Apostille Attestation in India is mentioned under. All the mentioned process is as per the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India guidelines. We are one of the authorized organizations to complete PCC Certificate Apostille Attestation in India.

Process of PCC Certificate Apostille Attestation in India

The PCC Certificate Apostille will be completed from MEA, Govt. of India. When a PCC has issued from Local Police Station then, before MEA Apostille the PCC Certificate has to be Attested from state level or equivalent Attestation department. On the other hand, if the PCC Certificate has issued from Regional Passport Office or Indian Diplomatic Mission, abroad then the PCC Apostille from MEA will be done directly ant ere is no requirement of prior Attestation.

PCC Certificate Attestation from Notary

Notary attestation is required to prove the authenticity of the document or certificate which the Government should need to inspect directly. Normally, the copies of original documents are verified and the photocopy of the original, attested by the notary public are accepted as true copies. But, the Attestation from Notary on PCC Certificate will be done on the back side of the original document if it is not an e-PCC Certificate.

PCC Certificate Attestation from Home Department or General Administration Department (GAD)

Once the document will be Attested from Notary then the local police station issued PCC Certificate Attestation from Home Department or GAD or RAC of the issuing State will be done. GAD / RAC or Home Department authenticates the PCC Certificate after verifying the content of the document. Prior MEA Apostille, Authentication from the State Level Attestation department is required. The Attestation from State level is one of the options, not the compulsion.

PCC Certificate Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Once the document Attestation from GAD / RAC / Home Department will be completed, then the police station issued PCC Certificate Apostille will be done from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Guwahati Centers in India. The Apostille Attestation from MEA is the final Certification from the issuing Country and it is the final process for HCC Countries.

The Apostille of PCC Certificate or No Criminal Certificate will be done by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. It is the CPV Division of Ministry of External Affairs which attests / Apostille all the certificates issues by any state in India before making submission to any Embassy or Consulate. Home Department Attestation or RAC / GAD attestation should be done before MEA Apostille Attestation. Ministry of External Affairs attests / Apostille all non-educational as well as educational certificates including PCC.

Alternative Process of PCC Certificate Apostille in India

The Attestation of Police Station issued PCC Certificate from Home Department / GAD / RAC is a very much time consuming as well as hectic process. The process of PCC Certificate Attestation, prior Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Apostille, is different for separate states. To keep the points in focus, the MEA has given the special authority to some of the selected Sub Divisional Magistrates (SDM), Govt. of NCT-Delhi to attest the PCC prior MEA Apostille, in special cases.

PCC Certificate Attestation from Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), NCT-Delhi

The PCC Certificate Attestation from SDM, Sub Divisional Magistrate will be done from Delhi. This is an alternative process of PCC Certificate Apostille Attestation by MEA, Govt. of India. When there are some obstructions to ger the PCC Certificate Attested from the Regional Attestation Center or Home Department of the respective State, then the SDM Attestation of PCC Certificate will be completed.

Time frame for PCC Certificate Apostille in India

To complete the whole process of PCC Certificate Apostille in India we will take around 7-8 working days. If it has already been Attested from designated Departments, Govt. of India, then the PCC Certificate Apostille from MEA will be completed same day. However, the different State’s time duration may vary from time to time. The PCC Certificate Apostille through SDM, NCT-Delhi Attestation will take 2-3 working days.

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We complete Police Clearance Certificate /PCC Apostille Attestation from MEA, Govt. of India for following Countries

PCC Apostille for Albania PCC Apostille for Andorra PCC Apostille for Argentina
PCC Apostille for Australia PCC Apostille for Austria PCC Apostille for Austrian Empire
PCC Apostille for Azerbaijan PCC Apostille for Belarus PCC Apostille for Belgium
PCC Apostille for Brazil PCC Apostille for Bulgaria PCC Apostille for Burkina Faso
PCC Apostille for Canada PCC Apostille for Chile PCC Apostille for Colombia
PCC Apostille for Costa Rica PCC Apostille for Croatia PCC Apostille for Cyprus
PCC Apostille for Czechia PCC Apostille for Czechoslovakia PCC Apostille for Denmark
PCC Apostille for Ecuador PCC Apostille for Egypt PCC Apostille for Estonia
PCC Apostille for Finland PCC Apostille for France PCC Apostille for Georgia
PCC Apostille for Germany PCC Apostille for Greece PCC Apostille for Honduras
PCC Apostille for Hungary PCC Apostille for Iceland PCC Apostille for Ireland
PCC Apostille for Israel PCC Apostille for Italy PCC Apostille for Japan
PCC Apostille for Jordan PCC Apostille for Kazakhstan PCC Apostille for Latvia
PCC Apostille for Lithuania PCC Apostille for Luxembourg PCC Apostille for Malaysia
PCC Apostille for Malta PCC Apostille for Mauritius PCC Apostille for Mexico
PCC Apostille for Moldova PCC Apostille for Monaco PCC Apostille for Montenegro
PCC Apostille for Morocco PCC Apostille for Netherlands PCC Apostille for New Zealand
PCC Apostille for Norway PCC Apostille for Panama PCC Apostille for Paraguay
PCC Apostille for Peru PCC Apostille for Philippines PCC Apostille for Poland
PCC Apostille for Portugal PCC Apostille for Romania PCC Apostille for Russia
PCC Apostille for Serbia PCC Apostille for Singapore PCC Apostille for Slovakia
PCC Apostille for Slovenia PCC Apostille for South Africa PCC Apostille for South Korea
PCC Apostille for Spain PCC Apostille for Sri Lanka PCC Apostille for Suriname
PCC Apostille for Sweden PCC Apostille for Switzerland PCC Apostille for Tunisia
PCC Apostille for Turkey PCC Apostille for Ukraine PCC Apostille for United Kingdom
PCC Apostille for Uruguay PCC Apostille for Uzbekistan PCC Apostille for Venezuela

PCC Apostille issued in a Foreign Country

Many Indian passport holders are staying in several countries when they require any No Criminal Record Certificate (NCR) or Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), then they have to approach either Foreign Affairs, Government of the staying Country there or Indian Diplomatic Mission / Indian High Commission present in that Country.

The obtained NCR / PCC may require to use further in the staying country or other. If the PCC has issued from Govt. of the staying country and further it is requiring in that country, then there is no requirement of further Attestation of PCC. But if the PCC has issued from Govt. of the staying Country and further require to use it in a different Country, then the PCC Attestation or Apostille is required and it will be done from the Govt. of that Country only.

If someone gets a PCC from Indian Diplomatic Mission or High Commission of the staying Country, and further require it in any Country, even in the staying Country, then the PCC Attestation, Apostille as well as Legalization will complete in India only. If the PCC require further in any Hague Conventional Country (HCC), then the PCC Apostille will be done by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. of India in Delhi, India.

On the other hand, if the PCC require to submit in any other Country which is not a member of Hague Convention 5 October, 1961, then the PCC Legalization needs to be done from the concern Embassy or Consulate present in India. The PCC Attestation and Legalization from Embassy or Consulate of the destination Country present in India will be done after the Attestation of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. of India.

We also complete PCC Apostille in India issued from Indian Diplomatic Mission Abroad for the following Countries.

Albania issued PCC Apostille Andorra issued PCC Apostille Argentina issued PCC Apostille
Australia issued PCC Apostille Austria issued PCC Apostille Austrian Empire issued PCC Apostille
Azerbaijan issued PCC Apostille Belarus issued PCC Apostille Belgium issued PCC Apostille
Brazil issued PCC Apostille Bulgaria issued PCC Apostille Burkina Faso issued PCC Apostille
Canada issued PCC Apostille Chile issued PCC Apostille Colombia issued PCC Apostille
Costa Rica issued PCC Apostille Croatia issued PCC Apostille Cyprus issued PCC Apostille
Czechia issued PCC Apostille Czechoslovakia issued PCC Apostille Denmark issued PCC Apostille
Ecuador issued PCC Apostille Egypt issued PCC Apostille Estonia issued PCC Apostille
Finland issued PCC Apostille France issued PCC Apostille Georgia issued PCC Apostille
Germany issued PCC Apostille Greece issued PCC Apostille Honduras issued PCC Apostille
Hungary issued PCC Apostille Iceland issued PCC Apostille Ireland issued PCC Apostille
Israel issued PCC Apostille Italy issued PCC Apostille Japan issued PCC Apostille
Jordan issued PCC Apostille Kazakhstan issued PCC Apostille Latvia issued PCC Apostille
Lithuania issued PCC Apostille Luxembourg issued PCC Apostille Malaysia issued PCC Apostille
Malta issued PCC Apostille Mauritius issued PCC Apostille Mexico issued PCC Apostille
Moldova issued PCC Apostille Monaco issued PCC Apostille Montenegro issued PCC Apostille
Morocco issued PCC Apostille Netherlands issued PCC Apostille New Zealand issued PCC Apostille
Norway issued PCC Apostille Panama issued PCC Apostille Paraguay issued PCC Apostille
Peru issued PCC Apostille Philippines issued PCC Apostille Poland issued PCC Apostille
Portugal issued PCC Apostille Romania issued PCC Apostille Russia issued PCC Apostille
Serbia issued PCC Apostille Singapore issued PCC Apostille Slovakia issued PCC Apostille
Slovenia issued PCC Apostille South Africa issued PCC Apostille South Korea issued PCC Apostille
Spain issued PCC Apostille Sri Lanka issued PCC Apostille Suriname issued PCC Apostille
Sweden issued PCC Apostille Switzerland issued PCC Apostille Tunisia issued PCC Apostille
Turkey issued PCC Apostille Ukraine issued PCC Apostille United Kingdom issued PCC Apostille
Uruguay issued PCC Apostille Uzbekistan issued PCC Apostille Venezuela issued PCC Apostille